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Space occupancy

For the 7 young people with disabilities at the IME des Sorinières, the "dance" module started on March 7th.

This project is part of a dynamic of inclusion, it will be for young users of the IME, to explore, to know and to fit into an urban setting and more particularly to invest certain emblematic spaces of the city of Nantes.

(Ex: Jardin des Plantes, station, naves, Lieu Unique, Stereolux, Place Graslin, etc.)

It will happen in two stages:

- A first module will be led by a visual artist from the FotoSonor association in collaboration with Stereolux ,

for an audio and visual portrait of places and the people who frequent them.

-  The second module will be led by two dancers from the Collective Art of Living , the aim will be to occupy these same places, to meet the users in an artistic approach, to bring a new look at their environment.

These children and adolescents (10-18 years old) have an intellectual deficiency associated or not with pervasive developmental disorders, autism spectrum disorders.

Some young people have comorbidities: psychic disorders (psychopathological), epilepsy, rare diseases, functional disorders.

As part of this project, they are called upon as artists and strong in proposals to guide the project.

A starting frame is established but it remains open to their creativity.

The professionals of the IME (educators and teachers) through their knowledge of young people, promote and support expression, bring out potential.

The external contributors (visual artist and dancers) bring their life skills and their know-how, adapt, pose their artistic gaze.

Families are informed of the progress, content and objectives of the workshops, the project is included in the PPA for young people (Personalised Support Project).

They receive a photo book at the end of the project and are also invited to a restitution during the last session:  a dance walk  on “occupied” places.


the artists



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Plastic artist


Sarah Vaumourin



In images, in pictures


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