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Inhabitants Actors

Our Accomplices are Lucean inhabitants but not only!

Members of the association, they are eager to get involved with the artists invited by the association.

Host a performance by one of them or various actions carried out around their visit.


Because without your complicity our project does not exist, you too can join our community of Inhabitants actors  and take part in the adventure.

Let yourself be guided :





make an appointment



You are put in contact with the artist

By clicking on the link below, fill in the Member form and pay the annual membership fee of €10

Contact the association to organize a visit to the place you would like to make available. We look at the potential of your space and present you in detail the basket of artists

After having decided together on the artist who could be hosted at your home, we put you in touch. You agree on a date for his intervention






Welcome / Enjoy


Share your experience

The date of the event fixed, talk about it around you

(friends - family - colleagues - neighborhood - merchants ...)

We also relay information via our various communication media

website / social networks / press.

A ticket office will be open for the occasion.


Prepare your space before the arrival of the artist according to the arrangement agreed upon beforehand.

Each of the participants will have to buy their ticket beforehand. We will be at your side to welcome them.

Then you just have to enjoy the moment just like the other spectators. 

Talk about your experience around you.

To arouse  the envy at  other inhabitants, do not hesitate to leave a testimony of your adventure on our site / social networks    

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