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3 possible actions

The Art of Living Collective being structured for salaried employees, and also benefiting from entertainment entrepreneur licenses for the Production & Diffusion of shows, this allows it to be able to undertake projects of different kinds.

The association thus allows "seeds of ideas" to become concrete and to sow sensitivity in different contexts.       


Production projects that consist of supporting

artists during the creation of their show.

We currently host the current creations of dancers & choreographers:

Sarah Vaumourin



Distribution projects to give visibility to artists who already have an existing show.

We are then at the initiative of events that we organize from A to Z.


Awareness projects to promote artistic practice, and access to culture for all.


In the form of educational interventions, these projects are led by professional artists,

mostly in partnership with other structures and institutions.


The participants in these projects can be of all ages, of various origins, amateurs, professionals, with disabilities, ...

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