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Production of shows

The Art de vivre collective wishes to offer a structuring framework to artists (or group of artists) who are not necessarily constituted in a company but who are keen to develop an artistic project, whatever their disciplines, their culture, the format considered...


- Salary the teams

- Convey their news in our network

- Federate the inhabitants around their creative process, by making the stages of creation visible

- Allow amateurs to experiment with sensitive paths in connection with the supported creations


These are the missions that we would like to develop on the Lucéen territory and beyond, with the complicity of the artists accompanied

in production

A multidisciplinary solo by the choreographer

Sarah Vaumourin

SVC Carte de viste.png

La Comédienne Elise PLOQUIN


Le Chorégraphe Ernest MANDAP




An ephemeral creation carried by the Collective

during the health crisis

as part of an aid scheme for artists


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