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A Choreographic Fable Around a Tree

By Company 4 in Corps (85 - La Roche sur Yon)

Contemporary dance and vertical dance


Snuggle up at the foot of a tree, taste its shade, listen to its roots, let yourself be tickled by the rustle of its foliage, tame its majestic language. And, faced with this apparent immobility that never ceases to dig into the earth and aim for the clouds, to gradually return to what binds us.


Show for all ages from 6 years old (40 min)

+ autour de . . .

l'Herbe sous le pied


la Compagnie 4 à Corps

vous propose

de vous essayer à la grimpe,

à la danse verticale autour d'un arbre

juste après le spectacle 


8 Cordes seront installées

pour Grands et Petits

à partir de 6 ans

(la durée qu'il vous plaira entre 12h et 14h)

Côté Jardin 2022 bandeau Atelier Grimpe.jpg

En libre accès donc pas d'inscription au préalable.

Accessible à tous, ce moment n'est pas réservé aux personnes ayant vu le spectacle, vient qui veut !

Cet atelier n'est cependant pas gratuit, une participation financière vous sera demandée (montant libre)

Soirée Humour - Complet.png

Percussion, Contemporary Dance and Birdsong

By Electroplume (44)


All public show  (1h in 2 parts)

1st interactive part

Known Bird Songs – Solo music (approx 30 min)


Then Electroplume becomes a duo, creates a new bridge between science and imagination,

by questioning the awareness that we have of the stakes of the survival of the living.

Two disciplines join forces to bring back the "Missing Birds"

2nd part show

Missing birds – Music and Dance (30-40min depending on weather)

A moving body is tinged with animality, the nuances specific to birds are perceptible.

An eerie but almost familiar soundscape comes to life.

We can already feel his presence, guess that he is going to sing, he who had not used his song for a long time...

Like a shaman by proxy, the public goes through rituals

from where he will be able to observe and listen to the subtle footprints left by birds inaccessible today.



Côté Jardin 2022 bandeau Concert Swing.jpg

A day around the Swing

With the duo Anna Stevens Sings Swing, Piano - Vocals


The singer expresses herself with pleasure and commitment in all the repertoire of the 30s to 40s.

With the talented Galaad Moutoz on the piano,

they revisit Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Fats Waller, Sarah Vaughan, Mel Torme and all the biggest names in old jazz.

A dynamic duo close to their audience for a day full of complicity.


11 a.m.

Swing Conference

For children from 5 to 8 years old (45min)

This moment tells the story of swing, its origins, its characteristics, its instruments, the artists who marked this era.

The duo tells how it is played and how it is danced with funny, clear and illustrated explanations.

An educational and fun exchange with the spectators, for a musical dive into the 1930s


5 p.m.

Swing Dance Initiation

Also passionate about dance, Anna and Galaad offer you a discovery of swing dance (1h)


6:30 p.m.

jazz concerts

All public (1h)

+ autour du . . .

Concert Swing


Anna & Galaad

vous proposent


de vous essayer au swing qui se danse,

juste avant leur concert,

le temps d'un atelier découverte de 45 min


Pour Grands et Petits à partir de 10 ans

Inscription obligatoire

Tarif préférentiel à 15€ pour la soirée complète

Côté Jardin 2022 bandeau Danse Swing.jpg
Côté Jardin 2022 bandeau Conference swing.jpg

An Evening Storytelling by Tata Zélie

around the Watercolors of Anne-Sophie Van Nuvel


Because imagination has no age, an evening for all ages for young and old

(Exhibition to discover from 8 p.m. then 8:30 p.m. Storytelling evening 45min approximately)

1 Watercolor / 3 Tales

The focus will be on a giant watercolor made available for the occasion.

Through the technique of improvisational theater that Elise masters, the spectators will be led to imagine 3 different stories around watercolour.

3 short tales of about 15 minutes each which can change place / time / character / ...

Depending on the feelings and the words given by the spectators themselves, the stories will be invented on the spot and shaped by Tata Zélie who will not fail to perfect her characters thanks to her marvelous trunk (Small accessories and instruments, ...)


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