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Side Gardens - 1st edition

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Percussion, Contemporary Dance and Birdsong

By Electroplume (44)


All public show  (1h in 2 parts)

1st interactive part

Known Bird Songs – Solo music (approx 30 min)


Then Electroplume becomes a duo, creates a new bridge between science and imagination,

by questioning the awareness that we have of the stakes of the survival of the living.

Two disciplines join forces to bring back the "Missing Birds"

2nd part show

Missing birds – Music and Dance (30-40min depending on weather)

A moving body is tinged with animality, the nuances specific to birds are perceptible.

An eerie but almost familiar soundscape comes to life.

We can already feel his presence, guess that he is going to sing, he who had not used his song for a long time...

Like a shaman by proxy, the public goes through rituals

from where he will be able to observe and listen to the subtle footprints left by birds inaccessible today.

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An Evening Storytelling by Tata Zélie

around the Watercolors of Anne-Sophie Van Nuvel


Because imagination has no age, an evening for all ages for young and old

(Exhibition to discover from 8 p.m. then 8:30 p.m. Storytelling evening 45min approximately)

1 Watercolor / 3 Tales

The focus will be on a giant watercolor made available for the occasion.

Through the technique of improvisational theater that Elise masters, the spectators will be led to imagine 3 different stories around watercolour.

3 short tales of about 15 minutes each which can change place / time / character / ...

Depending on the feelings and the words given by the spectators themselves, the stories will be invented on the spot and shaped by Tata Zélie who will not fail to perfect her characters thanks to her marvelous trunk (Small accessories and instruments, ...)




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A Rock-Folk concert  

Acoustic Solo, Guitar - Voice

By Dïe Morg, Nantes rocker capillary inescapable.

He's been mistreating his guitars for 25 years,

more than 1800 concerts across Europe and the DOM-TOMs.

He has been spreading his "solo group" Piquant since 2017,

nervous folk guitars and rocky voice on English songs with sometimes wild accents or ballads, sometimes punk, sometimes Irish.

He pays particular attention to distilling an atmosphere of festive and sensitive sharing during his concerts.

For all  (1h15)


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